Stream chose Richardson, Texas (northern suburb to Dallas) as the site for a Private Data Center development because of Richardson’s robust power and fiber infrastructure. Richardson’s proven infrastructure has attracted major data center operations and critical facilities for companies such as Cisco Systems, Bank of America, Catholic Health Initiatives, SunGard, AT&T, Verizon, Texas Instruments, Rockwell Collins and Fujitsu.

The Stream Private Data Center development in Richardson is a single-story, purpose-built, 73,320-square-foot, structurally enhanced data center building designed to withstand 185 mph winds and uplift. The data center contains three Private Data Center Suites™; each suite houses private disaster recovery office space, redundant private telco rooms, a private utility yard, independent power and cooling infrastructure, and a private 10,000-square-foot, raised-floor data hall. The project is fully commissioned and built out with a 2N electrical and N+1 mechanical configuration. Each Private Data Center Suite delivers 1,200 kilowatts of critical load power. The building is pre-engineered and built with conduits and pads in place to expand the power and cooling infrastructure in each Private Data Center Suite to deliver 2,400 kilowatts of critical load power.

This operational data center allows companies to immediately deploy critical data center operations, and have the ability to expand power and cooling infrastructure over the long term. The building can be demised into three fully independent Private Data Center Suites, or controlled by a single tenant.

The Stream Private Data Center – Richardson II has dual feed power from two utility substations, and is served by eight fiber providers through diverse, private fiber conduits serving two redundant telecommunication rooms in each Private Data Center Suite.


  • High-tech community, known nationally as “The Telecom Corridor”
  • Home to The University of Texas at Dallas
  • Low/no seismic activity, low/no hurricane activity, low/no severe ice storms
  • Highest concentration of technology employees in the country
  • Low cost of living, real estate and labor


  • Dual feed power from two separate substations
  • Power is directly metered per tenant’s use
  • No shared equipment or infrastructure
  • Multiple fiber providers, redundant private telco rooms
  • Each Private Data Center Suite operates independently
  • Fully commissioned data center space
  • Tenant has the ability to control the operation of their own infrastructure
  • LEED Gold Certified


  • 73,320 SF purpose-built, structurally enhanced data center
  • Three Private Data Center Suites, each with a 10,000 SF raised-floor Private Data Hall
  • +/- 4,000 SF private disaster recovery office within each Private Data Center Suite
  • 1,200 KW critical load per each Private Data Center Suite, each expandable to 2,400 KW
  • Dual feed power from two substations
  • Concrete roof and building designed to withstand 185 mph winds and uplift
  • All critical systems are concurrently maintainable
  • 2N electrical and N+1 mechanical configuration
  • Numerous interior and exterior security cameras, biometric scanners and 24/7 on-site security
  • Multiple fiber providers with diverse entries serving two private telco rooms within each Private Data Center Suite
  • Purpose-built data center can be for a single tenant, or demised for a multi-tenant environment
  • Outside of flight paths, no proximity to rail lines, no adjacency to industrial uses