Stream Data Centers offers comprehensive solutions to corporate users, including data center design,
development and operation.


Private Data Centers™

  • Purpose-built, single or multi-tenant data centers
  • Dual feed power from separate substations
  • Fully commissioned data center space
  • Private, secure, independent infrastructure
  • 2N electrical, N+1 mechanical configuration
  • Scalable power and cooling

Ready-to-fit Data Centers™

  • Purpose-built, single-tenant, powered-shell data centers
  • 150,000 SF buildings (expandable to 350,000 SF)
  • Structurally enhanced roof and structure
  • Designed to withstand 175 mph winds and uplift
  • Dual 30 MW utility feeds from two substations (expandable)

Advisory Services

  • Evaluate existing data center facilities
  • Develop infrastructure requirements and data center strategy
  • Evaluate options to build, upgrade existing or colocate
  • Conduct market study and supply analysis
  • Provide cost modeling for each data center option
  • Implement data center strategy and solutions