Private Data Centers™

Stream’s Private Data Centers are designed for corporations requiring fully built-out, commissioned data center space in a purpose-built, stand-alone building. Each Private Data Center delivers dual feed power from separate substations, 2N electrical/N+1 mechanical configuration, 24/7 security and plug-and-play disaster recovery office space.

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Stream Private Data Center Tour

View a time lapse video of our Private Data Hall under construction.

View a time lapse video of our Private Data Center Richardson II
under construction.

Stream Private Data Centers are designed to deliver 100 percent uptime and provide corporations with fully commissioned, wholesale data center space ready for immediate IT deployment. 

The building and all critical systems can be managed by Stream or by the corporate user. The building’s flexible design can accommodate a single user or be demised to accommodate up to three users. Each user has the ability to control its own Private Data Center Suite™ including the data hall and related critical infrastructure, security, telco rooms and disaster recovery office space.

  • Purpose-built data center designed to withstand 185 mph winds and uplift
  • Dual utility feeds from two separate substations
  • Fully commissioned data center space
  • 2N electrical and N+1 mechanical configuration
  • Independent, scalable infrastructure
  • 24/7 on-site security, multiple cameras and biometric scanners in place
  • Multiple fiber providers with diverse entry points
  • Plug-and-play disaster recovery office space, backed up by on-site generator
  • Green data center designed to meet the requirements of a LEED Gold Certified data center

Stream Data Centers has completed construction on its fully commissioned, purpose-built Private Data Center in Richardson. Stream has broken ground on a Stream Private Data Center in The Woodlands and is fully commissioned.