About Stream Data Centers

Stream Data Centers is committed to improving the critical environments experience through exceptional people and service.

Since 1999, Stream has been an active investor and industry leader, providing premium services, optimized value and critical environments to Fortune 500 companies. To date, Stream has acquired, developed and operated more than two million square feet of data center space in Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, California and Colorado, representing more than 200 megawatts of power.

Stream develops and operates highly resilient, scalable and efficient data centers, with products including fully-commissioned Hyperscale Data Centers, Private Data Center™ Suites, Ready-to-Fit™ Powered Shells, Build-to-Suit Data Centers, and Retail Colocation Environments – all with immediate connection to network carriers and public cloud providers.

Stream understands the dynamics of the data center market, and is able to forecast customer demand to proactively and cost-effectively deploy the right products at the right time. These disciplines, aligned with significant capital and industry expertise, keep Stream ahead of the data center planning curve.

Services supporting critical environments and energy procurement leverage the combined skill sets and resources of Stream’s technical real estate professionals with fine-tuned data center and energy expertise, to deliver end-to-end solutions for mission-critical infrastructure needs.

Stream Data Centers Corporate Overview

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Executive Brief: Design and Construction

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Private Data Center™ Suites

For customers seeking ultimate control, Stream offers unique Private Data Center™ Suites with dedicated infrastructure, security and privacy.

  • Purpose-built, single or multi-tenant data centers
  • Dual power feeds from separate substations
  • Fully-commissioned data center space
  • Private, secure, independent infrastructure
  • 2N electrical, N+1 mechanical configuration
  • Scalable power and cooling

Hyperscale Data Centers

Stream’s unique hyperscale data centers support cloud environments and safeguard mission-critical data with the highest levels of security and operational reliability.

  • Deliver cost effectiveness through proactive energy procurement solutions, highly-trained operations teams and economical all-in construction costs.
  • Meet rapid deployment goals with adaptable tier-level design, entitled land sites with ample utilities, and modular system components that allow for cost-effective upgrades.
  • Maintain energy efficiency through renewable energy sourcing and industry-leading power and water utilization standards, as well as LEED and construction materials reuse protocols.
  • Provide world-class Critical Environments Services that maximize uptime and value, without compromising health, safety and security.

Ready-To-Fit™ Powered Shells

Ready-to-Fit™ powered shells proactively developed in key markets provide a hardened, expandable facility with readily available power that provides customers with a rapid deployment opportunity.

  • Purpose-built, single-tenant, powered-shell data centers
  • 150,000 SF buildings, expandable to 350,000 SF
  • Structurally enhanced roof and structure
  • Designed to withstand 175 mph winds and uplift
  • Dual 30 MW utility feeds from two substations (expandable)

Build-To-Suit Development Solutions

Stream’s build-to-suit competency leverages standardized development methodologies to deliver cost-efficient data centers that meet customer specifications and business needs. Utilizing stream’s capital allows for balance sheet flexibility.

Stream’s industry-leading team of expert design and construction professionals, equipment manufacturers and supply chain are proven and optimized to deliver the highest quality and value while meeting each customer’s unique requirements.

Energy Services

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  • Minimize energy demand and costs through design and operational best practices
  • Identify and procure optimal energy rates in deregulated markets
  • Consulting for LEED certification and other operational and efficiency designations
  • Assist with administering a successful demand response program
  • Ongoing advisory service to capture opportunity or manage risk in volatile energy markets

Critical Environments Services

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Stream Critical Environments Services deliver mission-critical operation services for a wide range of buildings – from multi-tenant carrier hotels to free standing Tier IV data centers. Core teams of highly trained technicians expertly provide operational services across a diverse portfolio of facilities.

Stream’s critical environments methodology focuses on all areas of service delivery ranging from health and safety to hiring and training, as well as process improvement, tools and systems. A commitment to comprehensive account management, and 100% uptime, ultimately optimizes total cost of data center ownership.

Retail Colocation Environments

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Stream Retail Colocation Environments can support power and cooling requirements for multiple cabinets, expanding to larger Private Data Center™ Suites. Available in Houston, San Antonio and Minneapolis markets:

  • Custom colocation space for your IT environment
  • Solutions as small as multiple cabinets to large private suites
  • Networking and connectivity solutions designed to meet business needs in carrier-neutral facilities
  • Access to public cloud providers
  • Diverse connectivity options with dual fiber entry into the facilities.
  • Diverse building meet-me rooms (MMR)