Artificial intelligence isn’t new.
For Stream, neither is liquid cooling.

We knew the AI sea change was coming. And that it would require direct liquid cooling.

So we designed a proprietary cooling system that supports air cooling today, and liquid cooling when you’re ready—with minimal equipment additions, minimal added cost, and minimal disruption to your operations. (In part because CDUs are integrated into our base design.)

And where many providers say they are ready to support high density AI deployments, their ‘solution’ is to bring liquid to the data hall and make you take it from there. At Stream, we deliver an actual solution—all the way to your rack.

See for Yourself

Ready to Deliver When You Are – Now and In the Future.

Stream’s STU (Server Thermal Unit) is our pre-engineered integrated solution for both air and liquid cooling.

  • Match any ratio of liquid cooling and air cooling
  • Deploy today and then ramp into it as needed
  • Configure to over-subscribe cooling strategies
  • It’s a configurable system that keeps the mechanical blocks out of the white space and doesn’t require off-the-shelf equipment
  • It really is a solution: tell us your hardware requirements and we’ll handle the rest

Your requirements are fluid; so are we.
(It’s literally in our name.)

Four months ago our customers were planning for 40 kW per rack. Then it was 100. Now we’re hearing 400. No customer has yet come to us with a precise spec for the next generation of servers. They’re still figuring it out, and we’re here for it. Collaborative adaptability has been our M.O. since 1999.

We’re in the rooms where those discussions are taking place. Like at ASHRAE, where we’re one of the few data center providers in the room with the manufacturers whose hardware innovations are driving the need for liquid cooling.

Our solution is proprietary,
and we love talking about it.

See behind the curtain in our AI-Ready resource series.

H.O.T. relationships make for cool partners

Meeting our customer’s evolving needs since 1999, we build and operate data centers for the largest and most sophisticated companies in the world.


We value our relationship with you above all. Honesty is a core part of the Stream ethos; it’s also how we’ve succeeded for 25 years.


A customer said it best: “Open exchanges help the relationship seem less like landlord-tenant and more like a truly collaborative partnership.”


Clear and frequent communication enables us to manage expectations, and to collaboratively resolve challenges that inevitably arise.