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Before an Accident or Incident, Get an HSE Reality Check

Before an Accident or Incident, Get an HSE Reality Check

Partnering with an experienced health, safety and environment (HSE) professional can make the difference between a safe, healthy work environment and potentially devastating incidents — from financial ruin to loss of life. Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is a crucial responsibility of employers, and most companies have a health and safety policy to prevent injuries and illnesses at work. But who makes sure that the policy is enforced? Are you assuming that employees and managers take precautions to keep themselves safe? Does your policy account for your organization’s unique way of operating and the level of risk common to your industry? Experienced HSE guidance can bring clarity to your program, providing 360 degrees of health and safety assurance.

Do You Need an HSE Audit?

When was the last time your company took a long look at your health and safety policy and procedures? Chances are, an honest self-assessment of your HSE program will reveal obvious strengths and weaknesses. If certain parts of the program are not enforced, ask yourself why. Perhaps employees don’t understand your commitment to health and safety and take shortcuts for the sake of increased production. Perhaps different managers have their own perspectives on what is important. Perhaps your workforce does not feel free to question unsafe practices. And if your company has experienced a serious accident or injury, you may be unaware of its far-reaching effects on employees throughout the company. Discovering why your program is not working as it should requires vision that goes beyond the obvious. An objective HSE consultant can provide insight into your current environment and offer help in aligning your practices with your goals.

A comprehensive HSE program also has strong business benefits. It can:

  • Demonstrate your company’s social responsibility
  •  Save lives and prevent/reduce injury
  • Protect your brand
  • Increase productivity day-to-day and support recovery after an incident
  • Spotlight your commitment to employees, improving morale and conveying the sense that management cares
  • Promote a healthier workforce
  • Support consistency in safe and healthy work habits

Why Choose Third-party Health and Safety Services

At Stream Data Centers, we offer a complete consultancy program that focuses on four areas of expertise and associated services. These include running HSE audits, providing Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health (IDLH) Training, offering HSE orientation customizable to your unique policies and helping you manage HSE Incidents safely and effectively. You can read the in-depth details of what these four HSE services entail by downloading our whitepaper here.

What’s most important to recognize right now, however, is that the commitment to health and safety starts with the consulting company. At Stream, we have a deep understanding of how HSE connects to every other aspect of business. This is because, as a company, we have a strong commitment to our employees and demonstrate a strong, safe, healthy culture. Even if you’re not yet sure whether we’ll make the right partner for you, here are a few things to make sure of before signing up for services. Your HSE consultancy firm should have:

  • A record of hiring experienced operations experts who know how to maximize uptime without compromising health and safety
  • Ongoing reviews and improvement of their own tools and systems to assure safety and efficiency
  • A culture of empowering staff to recognize issues and speak up if they see a potentially dangerous situation
  • Facilities with physical and administrative controls, including 24/7 security monitoring and incident response notification
  • Compliance with recognized health and safety standards, backed by compliance-based audit reports
  • Environmentally conscious operational decisions to support an eco-friendly and energy-efficient workplace

At Stream, we want all employees, yours and ours, to return home from work each day in the same condition they arrived at work. Whether you want to start fresh with your HSE initiatives or refine your current program or respond to a specific incident, never underestimate the power of a third-party expert to support a culture of health and safety. Learn more here, and contact us with your questions or to chat through your HSE strategy today!

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