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Why Best Practices and Expert Methods Matter in Mission Critical Operations

Why Best Practices and Expert Methods Matter in Mission Critical Operations
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Organizations that operate their own mission critical infrastructure face many challenges. As businesses depend more on technology, understanding and executing efficient methods of data center infrastructure operation is increasing in importance.  Many companies, however, struggle with the experience necessary to effectively manage their data center infrastructure.

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Some challenges companies face when operating their own data center infrastructure include:

  • Downtime Risk – Data center outages cost an average of $8,851 per minute, according to a 2016 report published by Emerson Network Power
  • Outdated Solutions – Asked the causes of their worst business disruptions, 31 percent of respondents to a Forrester Research survey blamed failures of their information-technology hardware
  • Expensive solutions – Out of date solutions create soaring costs related to infrastructure solutions no longer supporting the business needs
  • Additional challenges include: compliance, staffing, 24x7x365 maintenance, and strong third-party support

Focusing on expert methods and best practices in mission critical operations helps companies achieve excellence in areas like governance, operations, training and continuous improvement.  This allows data center users greater flexibility, increased accessibility, and proactive approaches for issues commonly faced by organizations today.

Stream Data Centers created the Critical Environments Services (CES) to operate a company’s mission critical infrastructure on their behalf. Customers working with CES can utilize Stream’s expertise to develop a straight forward approach designed to optimize operating costs and maximize uptime, while maintaining the highest level of safety and security. Stream has been operating data centers since 1999. With that comes in-depth knowledge of the data center industry, a strong vision, passion, experience, and a clear path for execution.

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