Project Manager

Location: Elk Grove Village, Illinois
Functions: Design and Construction

Stream Data Centers is looking for a project manager with a minimum of 3 years of data center construction experience and a minimum of 5 years of general construction management experience.

This individual will be responsible for interfacing with operations personnel, defining construction project scope, budgeting, procurement, day-to-day execution, cost and schedule management, close-out and turnover to operations team to their satisfaction.

The role will involve working closely with Stream’s operations personnel, design consultants, external project managers, contractors, equipment and material vendors and Stream’s accounting personnel. This role will be accountable to the local Data Center’s Critical Facility Manager and report to Stream’s Design and Construction leadership.

This position will be salaried. Compensation and benefits competitive with local construction management market, potentially including personal time-off, sick leave, medical, dental and vision coverage, 401k matching, performance bonuses etc.

Stream seeks to gather together a group of smart, honest, nice and hardworking (each of these adjectives is intended to be construed in its broadest sense) individuals that thrive in a team environment. The goal of the team is to have fun and make money.


  • Understand requirements from operations, leasing team or end customers.
  • Identify and manage key stakeholders and frame project scope.
  • Estimate project budget, project schedule and get internal approvals for execution.
  • Enlist external consultants, contractors and vendors for Project design, procurement and execution.
  • Discuss and understand key project risks and come up with strategies using available resources to manage them.
  • Manage design from concept through permitting and execution. Interface with local jurisdictions to navigate permitting and licensing considerations
  • Manage procurement of equipment and incorporation of longer lead items into project schedule.
  • Manage General contractor, vendors and sub-contractors through the execution of the project.
  • Monitor construction for safety and quality in conjunction with operations personnel.
  • Manage budgets, billings and cashflow for the project and assist Stream’s accounting personnel
  • Manage commissioning and testing process with 3rd party commissioning agents
  • Manage close-out and turnover documentation and process for the benefit of the operations team.
  • Evaluate lessons learned and implement process improvements at facility level.
  • Mentor, develop and train project engineers and operations personnel for assisting in construction management at the facility level.
  • Participate in performance evaluations, receive and provide constructive feedback to team members.


Successful candidates are expected to have the following:

  • Integrity, strong moral compass
  • Leadership, strong sense of responsibility for self and others on the team.
  • Curiosity, desire to bring people together and help solve complex problems
  • Humility, desire to help, serve, learn and grow in the data center industry
  • Excellent personal organization and time-management
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to adapt to varying team needs and project conditions
  • Good listening and reading comprehension.
  • Clear communication ability with diverse audiences in both vocal and written formats
  • Ability to identify, strategize and resolve complex design, construction and operational problems
  • Ability to break down complex problems into simpler tasks
  • Ability to gather required information and make informed decisions in the interest of the project and the project stakeholders.
  • Ability to discern and escalate issues where needed.
  • Ability to inspire and motivate team to navigate challenging situations and enjoyment of the design and construction process.
  • Strong work ethic, go-getter with can-do spirit
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of data center design, construction and operations
  • Demonstrated understanding of design and construction contracts and their administration, including the ability to interface with legal resources for crafting said documents.
  • Ability to estimate costs and schedules, work with estimating and scheduling software
  • Ability to read, understand and create construction budgets, schedules, invoices, lien waivers and other key documents.
  • Ability to forecast labor, materials, contract commitments, billings and cashflows
  • 5+ years in data center construction
  • Education in architecture, engineering, construction management and / or training through trade schools desired but not required
  • Proficient at reading, writing and basic arithmetic to tackle analytical nature of work
  • Competence in Microsoft Office 365 Suite including Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word, Sharepoint