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Our core leadership team of data center experts has remained constant for two decades, and our nimble sales, implementation and management teams ensure optimum flexibility to quickly define and adapt to customer business needs.

Stream invests heavily in operational leadership, training, tools and systems across all of our owned and managed critical environments to help mitigate human error and maintain uptime. As a privately held company, we are well capitalized to develop infrastructure where needed, when needed, while consistently adapting to customer needs.

Fortune 500 companies make up 80 percent of Stream customers. By engaging with the largest enterprise companies, Stream fosters an elite ecosystem of like-minded customers to deliver highly credible, resilient and secure environments with mutually beneficial security protocols at each site.

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White Paper

Solving Problems for Mission-Critical Operations Through Best Practices & Expert Methods

Critical environment services maximize uptime without compromising health, safety or security.
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Security Through Compliance

Stream Data Centers designs its facilities to comply with rigorous standards set by trade groups and certifying organizations, while maintaining relevant certifications and attestations.
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Spec Sheet

Chicago I – Elk Grove Village Data Center

Elk Grove Village has become a prime destination for data center operators, cloud service providers and enterprise data center users.
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