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Dallas Ranks as National Leader for Data Center Growth

Dallas Ranks as National Leader for Data Center Growth

As all metro areas in Texas saw an expansion in the data center market in 2015, Dallas ranked as a national leader in overall data center growth. There are market specific characteristics at play, but core demand drivers are the same across the board in each region. Companies want to take advantage of new data center technologies, eliminate overhead and increase IT operations efficiency.

Dallas is the second-largest market in the country for data center megawatt absorption. Rather than square footage, data center space is ofter measured in megawatts – a unit of electricity – for leasing purposes. The State of Texas is actively recruiting more data center development with a recently passed tax incentive legislation. This legislation provides 100 percent exemption from sales tax on business/personal property necessary for data center operation for large users.

In the North Texas market, demand still outstrips supply. Below is the full article from REBusiness about the data center growth in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.