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Data Center Design: How Stream Saved a Major Bank Millions

Data Center Design: How Stream Saved a Major Bank Millions

At Stream, we talk a lot about the importance of partnerships and pursuing a collaborative approach to creating custom solutions for our customers. Of course, today’s buyers are extremely savvy – they want more than just talk.

That is why we are excited to unveil our latest case study, which offers you a deep dive into how we worked with a major bank to deliver them a new core data center. Here is a summary of what is inside.

Our Customer’s Data Center Design Requirements
As part of a comprehensive data center consolidation plan, leaders of one of the nation’s largest commercial banks looked to Stream for a new core data center that would complement its primary Tier IV data center. Essentially, the bank wanted the new mission-critical facility to mirror the primary site while leveraging physical and operational advantages that its legacy footprint could not provide.

As an additional requirement, the bank wished to establish its new data center outside the primary site’s geographic zone but close enough for efficient data replication and performance. After examining several options, they decided on a build-to-suit approach. This option offered them significant value in terms of deployment time, total cost of ownership and operational resiliency. A build-to-suit facility would give the bank input on data center design and operational requirements, as well as reduce both capital expenditures and time to market.

Our Value-Add as a Data Center Design Partner
Working with the bank, Stream proved to be a perfect partner. Stream leveraged 20+ years of experience serving complex highly regulated organizations to ensure our team could effectively function as an extension of the bank’s IT infrastructure team. Stream has found that when it comes to serving the requirements of the world’s most sophisticated enterprise and hyperscale providers, the ability collaborate on best practices in design is not enough. Providers must also have the ability to flexibly support operations in order to drive value and efficiency. This was especially true in the case of the build to suit project for the bank, as it had spent years developing its own processes and procedures at its primary Tier IV facility. Clearly, they needed a partner that was capable and willing to mirror those practices at the new core data center.

As a result of working together – and more details are in the case study – the bank now has a highly reliable core data center facility with a record of 100% uptime since opening. Because of the strength of our collaborative approach, we were able to deploy the entire facility less than a year from the construction start date. By partnering with Stream, the bank benefitted from operationalizing a cost that would otherwise require hundreds of millions in capital outlays.

Want to learn more about the project’s background details, data center design requirements, preparation considerations, construction execution and strategic lessons? Read all about these aspects and more in Stream’s fresh new case study, Financial Services Build-To-Suit Data Center. Download it here.