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Data Center Solutions for the Future: What’s in Your Pocket?

The telecom and storage markets are more competitive than ever. New data center companies continue to pop up on a quarterly basis. How do you know which direction to go? Why not choose the one that, for 22 years, has performed like a multi-functional tool for meeting wholesale colocation requirements in the technical real estate market? Like a Swiss Army Knife!

A Versatile Future
Data center solutions are complicated. You need to consider the short-term ramifications of moving from on-prem application hosting, and you need to understand that whatever business technology solution you choose will likely affect other business considerations. After all, your needs are always evolving, and technology is always changing. Who knows what the future will bring?

A successful data center solution provides “day-one” results while enabling growth into a future “day-two” phase with excellent outcomes. Yes, building amazing turnkey data centers in major markets is what we do — but it’s also critical to provide site selection, build-to-suit, and powered shell solutions, complete with operations services to meet customer needs. As things grow more competitive, enterprises will reward the providers like Stream who are able to understand and meet their unique requirements with smart, flexible solutions.

One Tool, Many Uses
A large blade, a small blade, a screwdriver, a can opener, scissors, a wood saw, a nail file, a corkscrew – all in one handy device, right there in your hand. American soldiers returning from World War II were considerably impressed by what they called the Swiss Army knife – a symbol of extreme utility, applicable to any scenario at hand. Since then, the implement has exploded in popularity, and has even made several trips to space. The blend of elegant design and bold practicality make the tool a literal work of art. Here at Stream, we’ve been inspired by the Swiss Army knife in our pursuit of creating ideal customer data center solutions.

Think about the many uses of a Swiss Army Knife. Our robust blend of facilities management services functions just the same, an Army in Your Pocket as we call it. Take for instance, our  available space, at the ready to cut through any delays in your data center migration. Or, observe our handy energy procurement, the solution to uncorking your energy consumption management potential. Looking for network connectivity or cloud on-ramps? That’s here too, ready to file down your latency and pricing concerns. Pop open our Ready-To-Fit power shells, or carve your place with a hyperscale data center. With our multifaceted team ready to help, we are a data center army at your fingertips – as discussed in the video above.

On your next hunting trip or campout, we want you to think of Stream’s multi-purpose suite of services each time you flip out a new tool from that red handle. When it comes down to it, businesses need great data centers and great provider employees who can keep them going when no one else can. At the outset, you need attention to detail and flexibility in solving complex needs and the relevance of deep real estate development and data center operations expertise. However, ongoing long-term success is about keeping businesses and their customers thriving when things are good and when things go south. When your underlying technologies evolve, your solutions need to have new approaches, methods, and services at the ready.

Now, where’s that Swiss Army Knife?

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