Austin I

  • As a result of previous success in the data center markets of 1999/2000, Stream continued to look for opportunities to purchase vacant data centers
  • In late 2000, the web hosting industry became oversaturated and over built. This resulted in numerous bankruptcies from companies such as PSI NET, Exodus Communications, WorldCom, etc. A flood of Tier III facilities came back to the market
  • After 9/11, there was huge demand for back-up / redundant processing facilities and disaster recovery for the financial services industry and ultimately all of Corporate America
  • The data center was eventually sold to a Fortune 50 retailer


1300 Park Center Drive
Austin, Texas 78753
Product Type: Private Data Center
Status: Past Project
Square Footage: 158,300 SF
Raised Floor: 90,000 SF
Critical Load: 7,000 kW