Fully Leased
43 MW critical capacity
1813 Lookout Drive
Garland, Texas 75044

At A Glance

  • 43 MW capacity at full build
  • Expanded 275K SF hyperscale facility on 23 acre site
  • Two utility power feeds from 95 MW on-site Oncor substation
  • Aggressive utility pricing (< 4.5 cents all-in)
  • 100% renewable energy sourced in-state
  • Sales tax exemptions available
  • IEEE certified 99.9999% (six 9s) design
  • Lower-risk North Dallas metro location (outside of the Eastern District of Texas)

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Stream Data Centers’ Dallas-area data center campus in Garland, Texas features our newly commissioned DFW VII facility and new on-site Oncor substation, to provide an ultimate capacity of 43 MW and 275,000 SF. Tenants at the 23-acre data center campus benefit from excellent utility power and fiber infrastructure as well as the optimal location – in the region’s largest data center corridor, in close proximity to North Dallas, Richardson and Plano amenities.

The Facility


Stream’s 23-acre Dallas-area data center campus is optimally located in the region’s largest data center corridor, in close proximity to North Dallas, Richardson and Plano amenities. In addition to excellent utility power and fiber infrastructure, benefits of the DFW VII data center include:

  • Optimal site away from flight paths, railways and FEMA 500-year flood plain
  • Dedicated on-site Oncor substation
  • Dual dedicated underground 40 MW utility feeds, pre-designed to support the full capacity of the campus
  • 100% renewable power available at competitive transmission rates
  • Closed-loop chillers enhance WUE
  • Network-rich environment with a strong mix of local, long haul and dark fiber providers
  • < 1 ms roundtrip latency to major carrier hotels
  • Designed to meet or exceed Texas State Data Center Sales Tax Exemption program size and capital investment requirements

The Market

Why Dallas

We invest in your success through speculative development in markets where we see future demand and in locations where TCO can be optimized, risk is low, network connectivity is robust, and sustainability is easily achievable. Garland certainly fits the bill and is fast becoming a prime destination for hyperscalers and enterprises alike.

Power is among the lowest-cost in the country – and reliable
Stream’s Garland data center was not negatively impacted by Winter Storm Uri and the power failures that resulted. That’s not just luck, it’s site selection. In addition to maintaining full utility power, we also maintained price stability.

Tax incentives also help keep TCO low
Data center occupants are fully exempt from state sales and use taxes for up to fifteen years. The exemption applies to electricity consumption and equipment purchases.

Renewable energy options ­and incentives abound
There are more financial incentives and regulatory policies promoting renewable energy in Texas than any other state except California and Minnesota. Overall, Dallas offers some of the lowest cost carbon offset options, sourced from within the state.

Network connectivity is excellent
Dallas is a top interconnection market for traffic within the U.S. and between the U.S. and Mexico. From Stream’s Garland data center, multiple network service providers and diverse dark fiber paths provide for under 1 ms latency to Dallas’s major carrier hotels and cloud interconnection locations.

The DFW metro area is a great place to do business
Twenty-three Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in the Dallas metro area. A key driver is the ease and relatively low cost of doing business.

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