Status: Sold
7579 W. 103rd
Westminster, Colorado, USA
Status: Sold
Square Footage: 29,500 SF
Data Hall: 10,000 SF
Critical Load: 1,125 kW


  • 450 kW critical load, expandable to 1,125 kW
  • 2-plate heat exchangers to utilize free cooling
  • 10,000 SF of data hall space
  • 7,500 SF of disaster recovery office space
  • 24-hour security, man-trap, numerous internal and external cameras
  • Stand-alone, single tenant environment
  • 2N electrical and N+1 mechanical configuration
  • Power directly metered per tenant’s use
  • Multiple fiber providers with diverse entries
  • Fully operational, commissioned data center space
  • 112 watts PSF (expandable)

Stream chose Denver, Colorado for a data center because of Denver’s strategic location and significant concentration of users in high-growth industry sectors such as technology, oil and gas and healthcare. Additionally, Denver has become a key market for disaster recovery (DR) data center space with a very low occurrence of natural disasters and access to a major airport. Denver’s climate also offers data center users the ability to utilize a significant amount of free cooling.