Phoenix I – V
200 MW campus at full build
2950 S. Litchfield Road
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

At A Glance

  • 4.5 MW turnkey capacity immediately available
  • Custom data center development options available across 157 acres
  • Dedicated 350 MW APS substation
  • Ability to deliver N+1 or 2N
  • Renewable energy readily available
  • Sales tax exemptions available
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Phoenix I – V

Stream Data Centers’ campus in Goodyear, Arizona has 4.5 MW of adaptable turnkey capacity immediately available. The first of five planned facilities, at completion Phoenix I will support 40+ MW of critical load in 418,200 SF of data center space. At full build, the campus will support up to 200 MW of critical load in 2 million square feet of data center space, making it the largest hyperscale development in the area.

The Facility

Why Phoenix I-V

Stream’s Phoenix development is the largest data center campus in the region offering the fastest time to market in Goodyear. In addition to excellent utility power and fiber infrastructure, with optimized latency to all major markets, benefits of Phoenix I-V include:

  • IEEE confirmed 99.9999% (six 9s) electrical design reliability
  • 157 acres with ample availability for build-to-suit, mega scale, or custom data center developments
  • Dedicated on-site APS substation with ultimate power capacity of 350 MW
  • Network-rich environment with a strong mix of local, long haul and dark fiber providers
  • The data center operations team is 100% Stream employees
  • Closed-loop chillers enhance WUE
  • Less than 30 minutes to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The Market

Why Phoenix

We invest in your success through speculative development in markets where we see future demand and in locations where TCO can be optimized, risk is low, network connectivity is robust, and sustainability is easily achievable. Goodyear certainly fits the bill and is fast becoming a prime destination for hyperscalers and enterprises alike.

Sales tax exemptions translate to deployment savings
A 20-year sales tax exemption on equipment purchases is available to all Steam tenants leasing 500 kW of capacity or more for at least three years. Another incentive, which enhances Arizona’s additional depreciation allowance for property tax, provides additional savings.

Low-cost power yields significant OpEx savings
Phoenix continues to be one of the lowest TCO markets for data center operations. With the cost of electricity ranging from $0.060 to $0.069 per kilowatt hour, our Phoenix data center could provide over 50% in power cost savings relative to a high-cost market like Silicon Valley.

Natural disaster risk is negligible
When it comes to natural disasters, Phoenix is one of the lowest risk metro areas in the United States. The city’s location is naturally protected, and greatly reduces any danger from hurricanes, hailstorms, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, or wildfires.

Renewable energy options abound
Nearly half of the local power utility (APS) energy mix is carbon free. Renewable resources include solar, wind, biomass, biogas, and geothermal power.

Phoenix is a great place to do business
Arizona is well-regarded as one of the most business-friendly states in the country and Goodyear is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. The high-skill, relatively low-cost labor market is continuously refreshed by graduates from the #1 most innovative university in the country (ASU) and the largest community college system in the country.

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