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Drilling for Data Through High Performance Computing

Drilling for Data Through High Performance Computing

Recently, the Stream team attended the Rice Oil & Gas High Performance Computing Conference at the Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University in Houston, Texas. Held annually, the event brings leaders in both the technology and oil and gas sectors together with one common purpose. Over three days, the conference attendees worked to advance the role of high-performance computing (HPC) in enhancing the efficiency and scalability of the oil and gas sector.

Improving Scalability with High Performance Computing

It’s currently a tough time for businesses across all verticals. Yet whether we talk oil and gas or finance and trading, the conference had one key message: high performance computing can drive vital competitive advantages for enterprises in a world currently full of uncertainties.

Here are just some of the ways in which HPC can deliver ROI when it comes to processing, analyzing and learning from data:

  • Seismic processing and analysis for deep water operations
  • Real-time capabilities to calculate risk positions, ensuring better performing trades
  • Enhanced fraud detection by leveraging Big Data
  • Improved geologic modeling to acquire vital resources while protecting the integrity of others in the area such as water
  • Ability to use the public cloud to improve agility in shifting resources to different workloads

For our team, all these scenarios point to one overarching fact. Hyperscale data centers are the unspoken piece of the puzzle in making HPC deployments possible for any industry.

Stream Provides the Critical Infrastructure to Host HPC Operations

At Stream, we sit in the unique position of building and operating the digital infrastructure that is necessary to support the HPC needs of both energy enterprises and hyperscale cloud providers. After all, HPC workloads require the following three data center attributes – high power density of 30 kW/rack or more, space to scale upwards as needed and rich network connectivity.

For customers with these or similar workloads, our Houston I Data Center in The Woodlands fulfills key specifications for leveraging Deep Learning, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and local, direct access to cloud providers.


  • Densities above 30 kW per cabinet
  • Ability to support water to the rack
  • Predesigned to integrate with HPC requirements and support supercomputer deployments
  • Resilient site location, far from natural disaster zones

In short, HPC has the potential to help enterprises streamline operations, optimize carbon footprints and even improve profitability. Better still, the road to adoption is wide open. As more companies look to leverage HPC, we at Stream are ready to support them through these tough times, and brighter days ahead.

Find out more about our HPC capabilities along with our turnkey data center availability in major markets – contact us!

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