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Energy Procurement: Is it Art or Economics?

Energy Procurement: Is it Art or Economics?

Between price hikes, turbulent market changes and aggressive imperatives around energy-efficient data center solutions, trying to establish smart and cost-effective energy procurement practices can make organizations feel like a small boat at the mercy of a big sea change — one that’s rarely in their favor. 

Digital businesses are in a bit of a pinch these days. They need to keep IT costs reasonable even as they grow their colocation and network footprints, but keeping the lights on is getting more expensive and complex every day. The price of energy ticking upward at an alarming rate can be attributed to a host of catalysts (no surprise here — the pandemic plays a part). Still, no explanation changes the reality: the buyer doesn’t just need power in the form of electricity, they need power in the form of greater certainty in the face of unpredictable variables and environments

Unfortunately, energy procurement and the strategies and advisors therein can often be biased, difficult to understand and keep pace with, or shrouded in unnecessary mystery. Even when enterprises turn to a partner to help, they rarely get the full picture or are armed with the knowledge they need to be successful. It’s a fact that organizations rarely win when given one-sided, prescriptive processes. Instead, an energy procurement resource that demystifies, letting organizations peer behind the curtain with a participative and collaborative service style, is what will secure the right outcomes. 

Sure, getting the numbers right and controlling spending is the economics, but truly taming a volatile energy market while achieving more innovation with your spend comes down to having the right experience along the way. Partnerships that optimize for these unique needs is an art — and it’s a skill that not all data center providers have mastered.

Chaos Versus Craft: Why We’re Different 

With a partner that allows for nuances and individualization in the energy procurement strategy, you really can unlock your power (pun intended) in a changing energy market, mitigating the risk of price hikes and power disruption, achieving your sustainability goals and optimizing energy spend. This is where Stream becomes your best ally. 

We bring decades of specialized experience and a wealth of insight into crafting conscientious and effective strategies, and we apply it in a way that suits your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to meet sustainability goals and incorporate renewable energy or avert price volatility with a more proactive strategy, we’re here to augment your practices by equipping you with a priceless asset: experience. 

Our team delivers more than a decade of deep expertise across both regulated and deregulated energy markets and on both the buy and sell sides of the equation. We also have experience in renewable energy and water-efficient design. These insights and the proven strategies derived from them are what deliver stability in a changing world. 

What’s more, we understand that energy procurement optimization is not a set-and-forget task, it’s ongoing. Energy price, availability and reliability are contingent upon global events, local disruptions and everything in between. The world never stops turning and bringing new variables into play, so our team is ready to re-engage often to answer questions, guide you through market trends or give you confidence that your strategy is staying aligned with your goals. 

What Gives You Power?

No one has the ability to sway global market trends, but there is power in knowledge. That’s why we focus on partnerships with customers as a way to deliver optimized energy procurement practices — and make it less stressful along the way. 

At Stream, we know the numbers and are ready to help your bottom line benefit, but we also bring creativity to the table to help you achieve your goals and even understand the arena you’re playing in a whole lot better — all so you can get exactly where you want to go. That’s the balance of art and economics that customers need to survive in a tightening energy and sustainability landscape. 

To learn more about our services, check out our energy procurement brochure.

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