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Finding Your Happy Place: How to Seek and Secure Data’s Seventh Heaven

Finding Your Happy Place: How to Seek and Secure Data’s Seventh Heaven

If you’re in the market for colocation, here’s the good news: The technical real estate market is flooded with options on the retail end of the colocation continuum. The bad news? It is less abundant on the wholesale and large-scale end. 

Sure, having an abundance of choices should be a good thing, but trying to optimize and select from a seemingly endless pool of inventory and new entrants can lead some organizations to settle for the sake of simplicity. Or, on the wholesale front, your organization may end up missing out on your ideal data center solution due to market absorption dynamics. 

You know the table stakes you need to support your organizational infrastructure goals: space, power, and connectivity. But if we think about shopping around for a data center like we do house hunting, this is the equivalent of saying ‘Well, I suppose I’ll need a house with a door and some windows.’ An ideal home is found in the details, and these details can often only be obtained with a partner who’s learned the ropes from decades of experience serving the world’s most demanding data center users — and with a team that understands your unique requirements and goals.

Getting the best result (i.e. the IT home of your dreams) means knowing exactly what you want and having a data center or development partner that can translate those needs into a tailored result: adaptable turnkey colocation.

So, You’re Thinking of Buying a Home…

When you’re looking for a new house, the first thing that normally comes to mind is purpose, which in turn dictates location — where’s the best place to settle down with that purpose in mind? Which communities have the best school districts, lowest crime rates and easy access to activities and necessary resources like parks or grocery stores? Similar types of location-based conversations apply to data centers and colocation. 

Well, you could do a ton of research, compare providers on your own and try to sort through what kind of deployment would best suit your organization’s digital transformation efforts. Or you could share your requirements and objectives with a technical real estate and data center expert and let them do the heavy lifting for you. 

10+ years ago, to serve a global enterprise user, it was important to be located in close proximity to your potential client’s headquarters (often in Tier 2+ markets). At the same time, it was important to build capacity at one of the major network peering points to serve the hyperscale segment. Now we see the fastest growth for both cloud and enterprise users in the markets that are able to provide outstanding network performance, generous tax incentives and low-cost, renewable power. The convergence of requirements has led to a convergence in markets, which drives the need for colocation and scale in key markets vs. trying to provide blanket coverage in a high number of small markets with sub-scale footprints.

Why You Need a Pro in the Technical Real Estate Game

In every big move, having an expert by your side that knows what questions to ask and how to manage the process of securing the property that aligns with your needs is invaluable. The right real estate agent won’t just know the market, they’ll work to know you and your requirements. Experienced real estate professionals won’t just show you the houses they want to sell or properties that will get them the biggest commission — they are in the game for the long haul and they will typically show you the places that they know will make you feel right at home. This is how colocation space should be delivered too. 

This is why Stream Data Centers, as an affiliate of Stream Realty Partners (a full service commercial real estate investment, development and services company), is different. With $3.3 billion in annual transactions and 250+ million square feet of commercial space leased or managed in some of the country’s hottest real estate and data center markets, Stream Realty Partners is one of the most successful commercial real estate firms in the country — and that helps us help you.

As a data center partner with technical real estate expertise, we’re dedicated to (and uniquely able to) be a trusted development partner experience that will tailor technical real estate solutions to your exact needs, remaining flexible and attuned the whole way. Our development and adaptable turnkey colocation services help you go to market quickly and with unparalleled ease — aka, no more messing around with options that aren’t quite the right fit. 

Scale And Creature Comforts In Key Markets

Here’s our promise: We’ll never show you a property that looks great on paper, but then is unfinished when you show up, or has shortcomings that you’ll uncover later down the line once you commit. Furthermore, we’ll never promise you a facility that turns out to just be an artist’s rendering (trust us, it happens). With our 22-year history blending technical real estate expertise and data center delivery, you can trust that we mean it when we say you’ll get data center capacity that’s as fast, flexible, resilient, connected, and sustainable as you need. After all, why should you jump through hoops or risk buyer’s remorse when you could just find your happy place already? 

With that promise in mind, we encourage you to pick development and colocation partners based on their vision and capabilities. 

In addition to the table stakes objectives of reducing cost, increasing efficiencies, and meeting the demands of our customers’ technology transformation, Stream’s facilities are crafted with 20+ years of experience informing our designs. This insight leads us to offer day-to-day comforts to our customers’ team members, who need to efficiently, comfortably and safely work in our data centers’ data halls and supporting spaces – an often overlooked detail. To name a few examples of our added benefits: 

1) Facilities are single-story, offering direct paths and access from the loading docks to a customer’s data hall. 

2) Ingress and egress doors provide the ability to roll in fully populated racks. 

3) Onsite Stream staff offers hands-on and free move-in support. 

4) An abundance of office, conference and working spaces make it easy for our customers to conduct meetings and have quiet working areas. 

Today, Stream is proud to offer immediate data center availability in major U.S. markets, including Phoenix, Dallas, Chicago, Houston and Minneapolis.

 Click here to learn more about our adaptable turnkey colocation. 


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