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Get to Know Your Stream Team Member: Chad Rodriguez, VP of Network and Cloud

Get to Know Your Stream Team Member: Chad Rodriguez, VP of Network and Cloud

Stream Data Centers recently hired Chad Rodriguez as the company’s new VP of Network and Cloud. A veteran of the US Air Force with a background in finance from the University of Texas @ Dallas, Chad has been in the telecommunications industry for over 17 years.  For this article, we got a chance to sit down with him and ask him some insightful questions about what he is set to accomplish for Stream in his new position.

  1. How did you get involved with Stream Data Centers? What inspired you to join the team?

It actually started as a client and partner of Stream. With my previous employer, we were seeking ways to combat an era that presented new challenges largely due to disruptive technologies, consolidation, new entrants, & price compression. I had the fortunate to be part of a leadership team who analyzed the industry landscape with responsibility solely not to survive but thrive by organically & inorganically growing our business. This facilitated interaction with cloud, content, peering, & Data Centers that housed the various networks and technologies; like Stream.

Stream proved to be in direct alignment with our goals in the Woodlands area of Houston, Texas. It was at this time we were both exposed to our body’s of work with the Stream team showing an unbelievable level of professional and expertise.

  1. Describe your new role with Stream. What will you be doing daily as VP, Network & Cloud?

My role is really a hybrid of responsibilities. Primarily, I’ll be focused on continuing Stream’s initiatives in terms of enhancing the company’s network and cloud connectivity options for our customers. Understanding our core competencies as providers of data center products and mission-critical operational services, we also understand that Stream’s roadmap for future success hinges heavily on network connectivity and local, low latency access to cloud providers. The megatrends shaping the telecommunications and data center landscapes today include Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Edge Computing, the Internet of Things, and hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.

We have a duty to provide the best experience for our customers, bringing content and cloud providers closer to the commercial and residential consumer market. At the same time, however, cloud providers also have a vested interest in getting closer to their customer base. In my role, I will be working to balance these angles for the benefit of both our customers and the providers we would like to partner with. Data centers aren’t just about racks, space and power anymore. It’s about simplifying connectivity for our clients and simultaneously improving the diversity of the connectivity options available to them. I’m excited Stream is investing in this new space because it is going to be critical moving forward.

  1. What are you most excited about accomplishing at Stream as VP of Network & Cloud?

For me, I am interested in ensuring that each of our potential customers has full understanding of their options and what is available in our facilities. To some extent, Stream already has a team that does this well. However, the added dynamic I want to bring into this process is the creation of enhanced visibility into the network connectivity products we provide as well as the carriers, cloud service providers and cloud enablers we are partnering with.

As enterprises increasingly seek access to multiple cloud providers as well as edge-type data center deployments, bringing cloud enablers and network solutions providers more into our mix of connectivity options will be paramount. I’ve already had the opportunity of being on calls with many of our existing customers and, repeatedly, this area is one of prime importance to them. Fortunately, the cloud enablement market has matured quite well over the last several years, which puts Stream in a strong position to make good on our vision. Already we have partnered with Megaport as a go-to cloud access enabler, but now we are also evaluating other potential partners.

Here at Stream, we understand everyone has their own definition of what the cloud is and what the edge is. At the end of the day, it is about understanding the business drivers of each of our customers and honing our solutions to meet their requirements. It is exciting times here at Stream and I look forward to bringing new

  1. Enough of the hard questions. Tell us what you like to do for fun!

I have quite diverse interests, to be frank. From time with my family to fantasy football, fishing and outdoor grilling, there are many aspects of daily life that bring me joy. My family is close, though, and we often find ourselves at the local ball fields. When I get a bit of me-time, my number one choice is to go fishing!

To read more about Stream’s new addition to our leadership team, read the full press release here.

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