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Build-to-Suit Data Center

For many large companies considering colocation or building their own data centers, a Build-to-Suit Data center offers the best of both worlds in terms of scalability, security, reliability and cost-effective operation.

Build-to-suit data centers are highly specialized facilities that are customized to meet the customer’s needs. They are generally designed, constructed and maintained by providers that offer a broad range of data center products and operational services. This option gives companies the chance to consult with seasoned data center developers to choose the location, capacity and services that are right for their company — along with the financial flexibility to use operating expenses rather than capital expenditures to ensure a future-proof data center.

Key qualities to look for in a build-to-suit data center partner include:

  • Investment strategies to accommodate new builds and upgrades
  • Comprehensive data center design and planning expertise
  • Specialized consultants with the knowledge to optimize space, power, cooling, connectivity and scalability
  • Turnkey data center development, colocation and operation
  • Advanced security and safety protocols
  • The ability to harness efficiencies to minimize build times while keeping costs in check
  • Leading-edge industry knowledge, including appropriate certifications
  • Offering customers the option to take over ownership and/or operation after construction