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Cable Tray

A Cable Tray is used to support electric cables for power supply and communication in data centers and other large facilities that demand a more robust and accessible cable management system than conduit can provide.

Since new cables can be installed simply by setting them into the tray instead of running them through a pipe, cable trays are especially practical for colo facilities and other situations that require frequent changes to wiring systems.

Cable trays are available in ventilated or ladder styles. A ventilated cable tray has openings in the bottom of the tray, allows for air circulation and water drainage while reducing dust accumulation. A ladder cable tray uses crossbars to support the cables, similar to the steps of a ladder.

Cable trays may be covered to protect cables from falling objects, dust and water. Tray covers for use outdoors or in particularly dusty spots may have a peaked cover to shed debris such as ice, snow or dust. Lighter cable trays are available for situations that call for a number of small cables to be used, such as telephone or computer networks.