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Colocation Cabinets

Colocation Cabinets are multi-compartment units designed for IT security and scalability within colocation data centers.

Colocation cabinets may be configured to provide customers with a quarter, third, half, or full cabinet — or multiple cabinets — making it a fully scalable solution to accommodate business growth or to weather industry downturns. The standard full cabinet provided is 42RU, 24 inches wide and 42 inches deep. Each cabinet includes a unique lock for each compartment for security, and an integrated cable channel in the cabinet chassis provides secure, compartment-specific cable access, offering further protection from unauthorized access.

Depending on the colocation provider, colo cabinets may be backed by a 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA) covering the key infrastructure and service metrics — from power supply and temperature to network availability and service credits.

In addition to colocation cabinets, data centers generally offer other options to accommodate user needs, including steel cages and private suites.