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Cross-Connect Solutions

Cross-Connect Solutions get their name from the cables and cords that connect individual units within a data center. Cross-connects may be used to enhance network speed, data traffic and general performance. They also offer tremendous flexibility for data centers to accommodate small, medium or enterprise-scale customers who need high bandwidth on demand and room to grow.

Cloud providers may use cross-connect solutions to connect customer networks directly with internet service providers in the same building. Cross connect solutions can also include carrier neutrality. With multiple networks to choose from in a carrier-neutral environment, data center customers stand to benefit in terms of price and service as carriers compete to offer the greatest required services. Cross-connect solutions also support data center interconnection via virtual private networks (VPN), point of presence (POP), and meet-me rooms (MMR).

Specific types of cross-connects include:

  • Fiber
  • Coaxial cable (coax)
  • Cat5/Cat6 ethernet cables
  • T1 lines
  • Copper
  • POTS