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Data Center Development

Data Center Development refers to the site selection, design and construction of a secure building that houses mission-critical IT systems.

Data center development is a highly specialized process that ensures the facility is secure and disaster-hardened so data backup service providers and others can maintain the integrity of their data storage infrastructure under any condition. Some data center partners, such as Stream, offer data center development as part of their services to help customers keep pace with technology and advances while mitigating risks related to natural disasters or other crisis events.

Key considerations for data center development include:

  • Meticulous site selection criteria such as:
    • Avoidance of areas prone to natural disasters or security threats
    • Ground elevations outside FEMA’s 500-year flood plain
    • Access to robust fiber and utility power
    • Proximity to thriving business communities
  • Advanced climate controls to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for servers and other IT equipment
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems
  • Diesel-powered generators
  • Fire prevention and extinguishing systems