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Data Center Fire Protection

Data Center Fire Protection is a priority at every stage of design and operation of these mission-critical facilities, from smoke detectors and sprinkler systems to the fire prevention programs that help keep staff and assets out of harm’s way.

Smoke detectors are among the most basic, yet most essential, elements of data center fire protection. These early warning devices prompt technicians to investigate and use fire extinguishers if necessary before the fire becomes any larger.

Fire sprinkler systems are another integral part of any data center fire protection plan, as they can be invaluable in helping to control the flames if a full-scale fire should develop. Additionally, fire suppression gaseous systems may be installed to extinguish a fire before a sprinkler system engages.

Passive data center fire protection is equally important and can include physical firewalls around the data center, making it easier to restrict a fire to a single part of the facility for a period of time if active fire prevention systems fail.