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Data Center Management

Data Center Management falls under the purview of those responsible for the technical and operational issues within a data center, including computer and server operations, data security and overall management of the services and applications used for data processing.

Data center management also involves interconnection with other IT systems for complete data synchronization via virtual systems, proprietary systems and automation. Effective data center management requires advanced IT tools, health and safety policies, and business strategies to create and maintain an optimal computing environment.

Data center management services may include:

  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Equipment installations and configurations
  • Ladder racking, prewiring of patch panels and equipment
  • Interface card removal, installation and configuration
  • Testing media for continuity and proper signaling
  • Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting
  • Inventorying/labeling of equipment
  • Power cycling routers, servers, switches and soft-booting servers
  • Adding, removing or verifying a demarcation
  • Moving equipment within the space and individual cabinets