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Data Center Site Selection

Data Center Site Selection is among the most important initial decisions for data center companies, laying the groundwork for resilience, security and business continuity even during a natural disaster or other crisis event.

Making a strong data center site selection is dependent upon several factors, such as:

  • Location: Assessing the potential for and frequency of natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fire, earthquakes, etc.) or potential manmade hazards (proximity to high-traffic areas such as major highways or airports). Moderate climates that allow the ability to cool the facility from outside are also advantageous.
  • Power: One of the largest operating costs for a data center and its customers is electricity, so the site’s proximity to a grid, the grid’s age and comparative costs per kilowatt-hour may need to be weighed. Companies may also want to explore green power sources, such as wind or solar.
  • Telecommunications infrastructure: What fiber sources are available to and from the site, and at what speed is their transmission? What service and support will local carriers provide? These are questions worth considering.
  • Additional factors: As with any other company, other considerations may include: land value; property, corporate and sales tax rates, including municipal incentives; local construction costs; transportation and cost of living for employees; and more.