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Data Center Space

Data Center Space can include anything from racks and cabinets to build-to-suit colo cages or private suites. Whatever the case, data center space refers to the area of leased space available for servers to be stored in a data facility.

Companies interested in renting cabinet space may usually choose from a quarter, third, half or full cabinet (or cabinets). Steel colocation cages are built to suit, based on the user’s specific power and space requirements. Private suites offer additional privacy, security and efficiency needed for the customer’s team to support their data infrastructure. These hard-walled suites can be configured with a dedicated security system that limits access to only those individuals expressly authorized by the customer.

Leasing data center space is a convenient way for corporate users to maintain and secure their servers without the capital costs and hassles of operating their own data center environment.

Data center space is generally monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including all electrical and mechanical systems. Temperature and humidity is closely monitored to ensure optimal conditions for mission-critical equipment.