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Data Center Support

Companies of any size can benefit from Data Center Support, which offers cost-effective solutions to achieve a secure, fault-tolerant environment for mission-critical equipment.

An organization’s infrastructure is an ever-evolving combination of hardware and software products from a variety of vendors — each with its own warranty, support and maintenance requirements. The never-ending cycle of managing licenses and contracts is time-consuming and costly, robbing companies of valuable resources that would be better spent focusing on their core capabilities.

Data center support ensures that IT assets, service plans and service providers complement each other, freeing staff to concentrate on higher-value activities. Data center support services can both provide expert on-site and remote support for businesses, including help with web and e-mail servers, switches, routers, modem racks, mass storage and other equipment.

Data center support encompasses a full range of data center and colocation services, including:

  • System architecture evaluation
  • Windows and Linux server installation and setup
  • Troubleshooting for server and communications infrastructure
  • Developing and deploying fault-tolerant network and cluster configurations
  • Architecting and implementing layered security structures
  • Firewall implementation and troubleshooting
  • Configuring load balancing environments