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Data Hosting

Data Hosting refers to the storage of digital information in a secure facility with redundant capabilities.

Data hosting by an off-site party such as a data center can provide corporate clients with a broad range of solutions designed to:

  • Alleviate staffing, operating and maintenance demands related to the power and cooling infrastructure
  • Provide top-tier facilities engineered and maintained at higher standards than most in-house data hosting centers
  • Satisfy expanding compliance requirements regulations
  • Help customers avoid the high costs of building out a company-owned data center
  • Allow for seamless scalability of power, cooling and bandwidth to support growing IT systems
  • Offer access to multiple carriers in a carrier-neutral environment, along with other managed services

One of the most important data hosting options is disaster recovery — a service offered by data centers in which a client’s critical information is mirrored to a second backup facility to provide an even higher level of reliability and redundancy. This solution is especially important for customers in industries like banking and healthcare, who must ensure high availability and maintain uptime even in the event of a disaster.