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Enterprise Hosting

Enterprise Hosting is a data center term that refers to the outsourcing of some or all of a company’s software to hosting providers who may also offer training, backup, recovery and upgrade services.

For many companies, the prospect of developing an enterprise hosting solution can be cost-prohibitive in terms of the physical infrastructure, equipment and highly trained staff that are required to create and maintain a true 24/7 hosting solution.

Enterprise hosting services include a range of hosting and management capabilities that equip organizations with a global, secure network infrastructure. Designed to support business applications inside high-performing facilities, enterprise hosting services help ensure continuous availability, optimal routing and secure delivery of data.

Enterprise hosting solutions may be tailored to satisfy a range of business needs, including:

  • Data security
  • Data storage
  • Intelligent content distribution
  • Load balancing
  • Multiple-carrier failover IP connectivity
  • Utility computing and virtual services offerings
  • Professional services
  • Virtual private networks (VPN)
  • Data networking integration

Advanced enterprise hosting devices offer a tremendous breadth of hosting services — from fully managed solutions with a comprehensive range of applications management capabilities to reliable disaster recovery and business continuity services.