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Hybrid Cloud

For many organizations, a Hybrid Cloud is the best of all possible worlds — a flexible computing environment that connects on-premises infrastructure with private and public cloud options whose data and applications can be easily shared.

Some advantages of a hybrid cloud data center include:

  • Businesses and data centers can customize their workload placement by maintaining and controlling critical data and operations on-site and in their private cloud while shifting non-sensitive workloads to the public cloud.
  • Non-sensitive workloads contained in the private cloud can be spontaneously increased to the public cloud during spikes.
  • Organizations only pay for public cloud usage when it is needed.
  • Data center hybrid cloud customers enjoy a centralized on-premises infrastructure that’s private.
  • Despite the initial on-premises hardware setup costs, companies of all sizes can expect long-term cost savings as they grow and scale their operations without having to invest in additional servers.