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Hyperscale Data Center

A Hyperscale Data Center, also known as an Enterprise Hyperscale Data Center, is defined as a data center facility that is owned and operated by the company it supports. These highly reliable and scalable facilities are especially essential for cloud and big data storage.

Hyperscale data centers are large, highly specialized data facilities that are owned and operated by the companies they support. These centers generally have a footprint of 10,000 square feet or more, housing  upwards of 500 cabinets with 5,000-plus servers — all linked with an ultra-high speed, high fiber count network. Hyperscale computing is necessary for cloud and big data storage, making hyperscale data centers a must for many large enterprises.

When searching for a hyperscale data center partner, the following considerations may come into play:

  • Rapid deployment timelines
  • Adaptable tier-level design, construction and operations standards
  • Modular system components for cost-effective, low-impact upgrades
  • Foundation in place for supporting predictive, versus time-based, maintenance
  • A focus on reusable, renewable and energy-wise construction and operations practices
  • A proven commitment to health, safety and sustainability
  • Adaptive energy procurement strategies