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Network Operations Centers

A Network Operations Center (NOC), also known as a network management center, is a central location from which an organization’s network is controlled.

Network operation centers are staffed with IT technicians who monitor the network for power failures and other performance issues that may impact the network and cause disruptions. The NOC staff is responsible for identifying and investigating issues, troubleshooting, communicating with other IT technicians and resolving problems. When unexpected events occur, such as a power failure or a cut optical fiber cable, NOCs have procedures in place to ensure that the appropriate technicians are on the case right away to resolve the issue as quickly as possible

NOCs may be outfitted with several rows of desks facing multiple screens displaying details about significant alarms, ongoing incidents and general network performance. Weather or news channels may be broadcast as well, as this helps technicians stay informed of current news and weather events that could have an effect on the network or systems.