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Remote Data Center Management

Remote Data Center Management is the purview of expert technicians who work at strategically located data centers all across the country.

From straightforward power cycling and rebooting of servers to visual inspections and receiving equipment, remote data center management eliminates the need for a company’s in-house experts to travel to the data center to perform simple tasks — freeing them up to focus on strategy and innovation.

Remote data center management services may include:

  • Providing visual verification to assist remote troubleshooting effort
  • Racking and stacking new equipment
  • Swapping removable media (tapes, CDs, DVDs, etc.)
  • Providing wiring services such as moving, securing or terminating cables
  • Labeling equipment
  • Taking digital photos

There are two methods of remote data center management. The first is in-band management, which relies on the data network for transport of simple network management protocol (SNMP) and additional management information. This option is only recommended when the network is accessible and running properly. The other concept is out-of-band management, which acts as an alternate management path when network connectivity is lost or when the network or server is down.