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Remote Hands

Remote Hands is a data center term that refers to the ability of a customer or service provider to interact with the customer’s IT equipment within a data center environment from a remote location.

The phrase “remote hands” is sometimes used interchangeably with “smart hands,” but there are a few key differences:

Remote hands services are defined as:

  • Tasks that don’t require the physical presence of a technician or direct contact with the equipment
  • Routine service and simple troubleshooting
  • Straightforward tasks such as:
    • Monitoring and checking port numbers
    • Rebooting servers
    • Reporting indicators in the system

Smart hands services are defined as:

  • On-site support at the customer’s location involving the direct handling of equipment
  • Responsive service to quickly handle emergencies
  • Complex tasks such as:
    • Multiplex cable configurations
    • Testing and troubleshooting

The best solution for most large companies is to partner with a data center or other IT partner that offers both remote hands and smart hands services.