Get 100% Uptime in The Woodlands

If it’s time to head for higher ground, consider weathering the next Texas storm in The Woodlands.

Backed by 8 consecutive years of 100% power and cooling uptime, Stream has your back with its LEED-certified facility and exemplary operations team, just 30 miles north of Houston’s CBD.

A Letter to Texas Customers
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Are You Prepared?

Why you need a solid strategy for Critical Environments Disaster Planning. With the right business continuity plan, companies can achieve 100% uptime before, during and after an emergency.
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Stream Makes Change Easier

With 22 years of helping heavily regulated customers move into our facilities, we have excellent partnerships and resources to support customer moves and migrations.

Zero (0) SLA Violations

  • Uninterrupted operating history since 2013
  • Improved resiliency and connectivity

Simplified Lift & Shift

  • No ramps or lifts from dock to data hall
  • Racks up to 8’ tall and 4,000 lbs.
  • Well-designed LEED-certified facility

Easy Contract Transition

  • Flexible terms
  • Consumption-based pricing
  • Jointly developed Roadmap

Supported by In-house Operations Team

  • Staffed by tenured Stream employees

Compliance and Certification Standards

  • Stream maintains compliance certifications and standards that are critical to data center customers.