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How Build-to-Suit Data Centers Can Save Time and Money

How Build-to-Suit Data Centers Can Save Time and Money

Is your company outgrowing your on-premise data center? Is colocation in a shared facility right for your business? Recently, Chris Kincaid, our Senior Vice President of Design & Construction at Stream Data Centers, penned an excellent white paper on the answer to many companies’ data center dilemma – Build-to-Suit Data Centers. Here are the top takeaways that can help you decide if this option could be right for you.

First, you know it is time to consider alternatives to your on-premise data center when the following is true:

  • Your organization is experiencing insufficient data capacity
  • Staff complain of poorly performing IT infrastructure
  • The maintenance costs of your facility are beginning to skyrocket
  • Your IT team is warning of potential security threats that could overwhelm your already-taxed equipment and personnel

With the growing demands of big data and complex computing systems, an increasing number of companies are looking for secure, scalable data center solutions. Thinking through the options brings up a myriad of concerns regarding privacy, capacity, control and reliability. For many, the question is simple: “Will sharing a facility adequately protect my company’s mission-critical data and give us the room to expand when we need to?”

Fortunately, with our Build-to-Suit Data Center, Stream can design, construct and support a cost-efficient data center that fits your needs. It’s the flexible, affordable solution for any type of organization – from large companies to cloud providers – looking to avoid the pitfalls of competitive real estate markets. After all, an investment in a data center is just as much a question of real estate as it is technology. Stream’s experts understand how to overcome capacity constraints that can result from an increasingly complex and varied IT strategies. We know no two businesses are alike, which is why you can trust us to develop the right solution just for you, regardless of how much expansion is needed.

In short, Build-to-Suit Data Centers offer several key advantages:

  • Ability to leverage Stream’s design and planning expertise
  • A tailored fit with optimized space, power, cooling, connectivity and scalability
  • Turnkey data center development, colocation and operation; we’re one of the few providers with a development arm
  • Faster time to market at lower cost than with less-experienced providers
  • Flexibility at every stage – we give you what you need without steering you to any solution

For more information on how a Build-to-Suit Data Center could be the best choice for your business, download Chris’ white paper here. Then, contact us with your questions!

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