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In the News: Stream Data Centers Featured in Telecom Ramblings Interview

In the News: Stream Data Centers Featured in Telecom Ramblings Interview

At Stream Data Centers, we are so focused on delivering quality data center products and leading-class facilities management services that we don’t get a lot of time to interact with the media. We could not, however, pass up this opportunity when approached by Telecom Ramblings, a publication devoted to providing news, analysis and commentary for the global telecommunications and internet infrastructure sectors. 

That’s when our COO and Partner, Michael Lahoud, sat down with Rob Powell, Founder and Chief Editor of Telecom Ramblings. Over the course of half an hour, Rob asked Michael to tell him how Stream got started, what differentiates us from the competition and where we see the future of the data center industry heading. Here are a couple of excerpts from the Q&A that will make you want to read further!

TR: Where do you think differentiation comes from in the data center world today?

ML: Ultimately, I think it comes down to the location, the quality of the build, the quality of the team running it, the people that you’re ultimately dealing with, and the structure of the transactions. Many other providers are great companies and they build a great product and I think we all have our pluses and minuses with design and construction. But, ultimately, it comes down to the people and the sites. And I think that’s where Stream differentiates.

TR: How do you balance your hyperscale and enterprise businesses?

ML: It varies market to market. Our newer development in Phoenix, is absolutely hyperscale, but Dallas and Chicago are kind of a hybrid because they can meet the needs of enterprise or hyperscale customers. Both of those designs are flexible enough that you can still build exactly what an enterprise group would want. Minneapolis and Houston are two examples of enterprise class facilities with great customers. And you’re going to see more enterprise build-to-suits — we partnered with US Bank on one in Minneapolis a couple years ago. We anticipate a fairly even balance in terms of number of clients, although on a per megawatt basis, hyperscale will be larger.  At the end of the day, we are fortunate to get to support a wide variety of great companies.

From hyperscale facilities to distributed edge computing, we at Stream have an expansive national commercial real estate portfolio that we can leverage to help you create the solution you need. In fact, we recently blogged about how our investment in Tier 2 markets is perfect for meeting the colocation requirements of enterprises utilizing IoT-based applications today. As Michael also says, however, “ultimately, it comes down to the people and the sites.” This one-two punch is exactly why our customers trust us to set them up with the connectivity and control they need to stay running and grow.

Read the full Q&A here and then contact us to find out how you can also benefit from a partnership with Stream!

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