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It’s All About Big D in This Special Video Discussion with Anthony Bolner

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As seen on D Magazine’s 2020 Commercial Real Estate blog.

Dallas is a major data center market, but how did it get there and what does its future look like?

Stream Data Center’s EVP & Partner, Anthony Bolner has been around the Dallas data center market for decades. He’s the one who you need to hear from if you’re interested in anything to do with the Dallas market.

Stream Data Centers has facilities in multiple locations all over the US, but has a special focus on the DFW market, where we have immediate data center availability and call home.

Here’s some of what we discussed in the video:

  • How has Stream Data Centers adjusted to covid-19?
  • How the Dallas data center market has changed over the years
  • Reasons why data center users choose the Dallas market
  • How Dallas has changed over the past 10-20 years
  • Why scale and timing are so important
  • Stream’s DFW VII – Garland data center
  • What will be the key indicators in Dallas moving forward?
  • How data center users think about the facilities they will go into
  • Stream’s plans for 2020

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Learn more about our new DFW hyperscale campus in Garland, TX here.