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Meet the Newest Stream Team Member: Yvonne Deir, Hyperscale and Cloud Expert

Meet the Newest Stream Team Member: Yvonne Deir, Hyperscale and Cloud Expert

The world of data centers and IT infrastructure has only grown more pivotal for business, community and individual success over the past few years. This trend of increased dependence on all things digital will not be slowing any time soon — especially with new applications across 5G, IoT, AI and beyond being cultivated and deployed throughout the world. 

As the global community embraces a more digital world, Stream has been keeping as busy as ever in order to meet new data center infrastructure demands. Our ability to offer exceptional experiences and ideal, scalable data center campuses depends heavily on our people — which is why we’re always in search of the best and brightest this industry has to offer. 

This is why we’re pleased to introduce our newest addition to the Stream team: Yvonne Deir, Vice President of Hyperscale Leasing and Development. Aside from watching her recent interview at PTC’22, you can read on to learn more about what drew her to Stream, what advantages she delivers from her history in data centers, what she hopes to accomplish and more. 

Making Moves

Yvonne came to Stream with a rich background, which includes a tenure at CoreSite that gave her a wealth of insight into where the data center sphere is headed. This holistic knowledge, combined with the West Coast presence she’d bring to the Stream team and her strongly built relationships makes her a dream come true for the hyperscale leasing and development role. 

But what considerations would bring an industry expert to join Stream? Well, in Yvonne’s words: 

“The team is at the top of that list. Everyone is so approachable and professional.” But beyond that, it’s about how best to follow what she calls ‘the data center and infrastructure continuum’ — the ongoing evolution of workloads, capacity demands and how they’re met in increasingly dense, individualized ways. As time went on and the industry evolved, Yvonne found that her customers’ deployments got bigger, more specialized, more bespoke — and she began searching for that next step in her career that could help her zero in on that direction. The solution? She says, “I wanted to align myself with an operator that had a reputation and a pedigree of developing and delivering big, large-scale projects for big customers. That’s what brought me here.”

This synergy between career moves and industry moves aligns well with Stream’s own philosophy of staying ahead of market demands — it’s what allows us to always deliver on what our customers truly want. Supporting those customers as their own requirements grow and change is paramount. As Yvonne comments, “When I came to Stream, it was very important to me that the team allow me to not only bring over the relationships but build on them as well.” We couldn’t agree more. 

What Makes the Difference?

Yvonne’s addition to the team complements a strong array of existing talent and robust business foundations, all of which we’re proud to shout out whenever possible. In fact, Stream’s uniqueness starts from the ground up. 

When it comes to the advantages the company delivers, Yvonne notes, “We’ve got Stream Realty as our parent company. The insight that we have through someone like Stream Realty, with such a huge amount of investment across the continental U.S., allows us to get into markets and understand where customer demand is strong. It gives us a leg up on other operators that are out there. Combining that commercial real estate background with a data center practice creates a lot of synergies that I was hoping to capitalize on.”

A strong supply chain approach is also something she’s looking forward to leveraging, as it’s becoming a relatively scarce resource among data center operators in a time when strong supply is necessary for mission-critical customer needs. What impressed her most? The construction team and the supplier relationships in place. It’s those relationships and the investments and commitments to a successful inventory program that see our team and customers through any hurdles. 

Yvonne says, “We have the ability to redirect components within that supply chain to different locations where priority projects are set to be delivered first, and that was really refreshing to see. Stream has thought ahead of these types of hold-ups.  There’s also a huge level of transparency that is really nice to have in those conversations with customers, so they’re always in lock-step with our vision and programs —and us with theirs. Demand isn’t going away, and vendors, suppliers and operators have to adapt the supply chain to it.” 

Building Strong

Talented people like Yvonne underscore our commitment to offering the best experiences hyperscalers and enterprises will find anywhere in this industry. They’re the lifeblood of Stream. 

Alongside our existing relationships, team members, portfolio and more, Yvonne is instrumental in helping see our customers’ visions through and supporting their evolving goals. This is just another testament to the fact that our people are the industry’s leading designers, builders and operators in the business. It is, and always will be, the people that determine the experience, the quality of the design, and the reliability of the operations — and our people are the best.

To hear more from Yvonne, watch her recent interview here. To check out Stream’s services, click here

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Yvonne Deir

Senior Vice President, Hyperscale Leasing & Development
Yvonne joined Stream Data Centers in 2021, serving as Vice President of Hyperscale Leasing and Development. Read More