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Executive Brief: How to Think About Data Center Planning

Executive Brief: How to Think About Data Center Planning
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According to The Data Center Journal, data center investments in the U.S. reached record levels — more than $20 billion. But how should your company approach a data center investment? Is it a technology investment or a real estate investment?

At Stream, we believe companies benefit strategically when they view a data center as two investments in one. On one hand, technological considerations, like accessibility and reliability of data are of critical importance as they affect operational efficiency. Imagine a company deciding to migrate its workload to the cloud – here, technology would be a key factor behind whether they establish on or off-premise solutions. However, the fact remains that a lot goes into establishing and running a successful data center besides the technology it houses. From decisions about location to whether a company leases or buys space, data centers also have complex real estate and financial ramifications. As a result, integrating both views – the technological and the real estate – into the equation is the right way forward.

In our latest executive brief, we’ve asked Paul Moser, Co-Managing Partner, and Michael Lahoud, Chief Operating Officer and Partner, to discuss the real estate and technological aspects of data center decisions, making a case for each. As you’ll see, the two are hard to separate – but then again, they should go together. Wherever your company is at in your data center decision-making process, make sure you leverage providers like Stream, who can bridge both viewpoints with deep-seated expertise and offerings that meet your needs today and tomorrow.

Download the brief here and feel free to reach out to us with your questions.

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Michael Lahoud

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