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How Data Center Providers Can Sustain Uptime and Prevent Losses

How Data Center Providers Can Sustain Uptime and Prevent Losses

Hurricane season has already begun, and many enterprises are looking for assurance that their data center providers can sustain uptime and prevent costly losses during a natural disaster. At Stream, we believe that the best defense against unplanned downtime during a time of crisis is to go on the offense when it comes to planning, preparation and execution. Our Critical Environments Services (CES) maximize our clients’ uptime without compromising health, safety or security.

Critical Environments Services: Unparalleled Flexibility and Proactiveness
So, what exactly is our Critical Environments Services? Briefly, it’s a specialized practice we developed to answer the typical problems companies of all sizes face from unexpected downtime.

As enterprises already know, data center downtime is costly. Recent data pegged the cost of unplanned data center outages at an average of $8,851 per minute. As a result, enterprises need to know whether they are getting leading-class disaster and downtime prevention services from their providers. At Stream, our CES paradigm provides our customers with added peace of mind to concentrate on their business operations even during natural disasters.

Where many providers offer rigid approaches that do not easily accommodate their customers’ dynamic needs, our approach was built to meet unmet demand by executives to get more out of their data center providers. Overall, industry leaders have made one point clear to us – too many providers run their critical environments how they want, rather than the way their customers need. As a result, CES is designed to provide a holistic, flexible approach that can match the individual needs of every customer. Learn more about CES by reading our free whitepaper here.

Planning to Avoid Downtime
Coming back to disaster preparedness, CES lets us provide teams of highly trained technicians, across both Stream and client-owned facilities, who can operate in all areas of service delivery from health and safety to process improvement, tools and systems. By being proactive and maintaining a dedicated focus on each of our customers, we’re able to identify and mitigate problems before they ever occur. For almost 20 years, we’ve been an active industry leader, providing premium services and optimized value to the Fortune 500 and beyond. We’re proud to be able to say that, last year during Hurricane Harvey, our Houston I data center in The Woodlands was able to withstand all that the 1,000-year storm brought, protecting our customers’ critical data and providing them with unyielding uptime.

Using our CES approach of following best practices in data center governance, operational management, and monitoring, we built the Houston I data center on an elevated site, with two substations to feed power also on higher ground. In fact, the data center was also built an additional 3 feet above ground with different levels of scuppers to ensure no water penetration above the data hall. Even the roof features a single solid membrane designed to prevent leakages. Overall, our structure can withstand 185 mph winds and a 20-foot concrete tilt wall to protect outside equipment. That’s the level of detail we put into building our facilities.

Peace of Mind – That’s the Stream Way
From monitoring Hurricane Harvey to scouting out dry roads to the Houston I facility as the storm weakened, Stream Data Centers’ team executed its plan quickly and efficiently, demonstrating our commitment to safety and resilience. We believe that paying attention to everything from facility design to operational training is critical to performing right when a natural disaster like a hurricane does occur. The best part is that, even during the storm, our customers trusted us enough not to enquire about the integrity of our facility. That shows that CES works – our customers know we are on top of every detail, giving them the peace of mind to focus on growing their businesses. To read more about our performance during Hurricane Harvey, read our case study here.

To find out more about how you can benefit from CES, reach out to us!  We’d be happy to walk you through what we can do for you.

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