Network & Cloud Services

Stream Network and Cloud Consulting Services optimize network design for low-latency applications, adaptable bandwidth requirements and public cloud optimization. Stream negotiates carrier-agnostic pricing and contracts, while furnishing meet-me room design and implementation strategies for multi-tenant carrier hotels.

Stream Data Centers - Megaport Brochure
Network Services

Stream offers a service provider-neutral facility — a competitive platform that allows customers to choose the network, cloud or managed service provider that best meets their needs.

Each Stream Data Centers facility has multiple diverse entry points for network service providers. Each entry point consists of large duct banks going to diverse meet-me rooms.

Stream chooses strategic locations with excellent network connectivity to a good mix of carrier types offering both lit and dark fiber services.

Cloud Interconnection

Stream partners with Megaport to enable direct cloud connectivity to all major providers of cloud services. These solutions provide immediate connection, single point of contact, and multiple options for cloud connectivity. Cloud service delivery methods include IaaS, SaaS, DRaaS, Storage and many more.

Delivers fexible, cloud-connectivity services seamlessly and immediately through a single port.

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides fast, private and secure connections to Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

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