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Protect Your Company – Invest in a Professional Security Checkup

Protect Your Company – Invest in a Professional Security Checkup

Corporate security is not optional. Breaches, whether in the form of a physical attack or an information leak, happen all the time. As a result, security technology companies and guard force providers are doing better than ever as businesses look to protect themselves from unplanned disruptions. But do business executives across America really understand the full range of environmental and organizational policies required to truly mitigate risk? If you want your operations to be fully protected, you need to consider more than just installing the latest antivirus software or biometric system. Stream’s Critical Environments Services can provide proactive analysis of your total security program, offering unbiased solutions that align with your business goals and respect your budget.

Are Third-Party Security Services Right for You?

The decision to bring in a security consultant starts with an honest look at your current program. Are your security and safety policies based on an unbiased assessment of risk? Are the policies accompanied by specific procedures to address threats? Are you certain that your employees adhere to those procedures? Do your employees and customers feel safe at your workplace? What threats to security have happened in the past? How did you respond? Do your policies and procedures fit the way you do business?

Knowing the facts about the strengths and weaknesses of your current program enables you to have a realistic and productive discussion with an experienced security consultant to identify possible solutions. Knowing your company’s specific needs is crucial in developing a comprehensive security program that checks every box. Here are some of the reasons why enlisting the support of a security consultant is vital to the success of your business.

Safeguarding Operations

Unexpected incidents like break-ins or digital security breaches can effect employees, distracting them from performing at their best and slowing your daily interactions with customers. You can prevent this by proactively recruiting the help of a security consultant before an incident happens.

Audit Requirements

For businesses like data centers, banks and federal facilities, security consultants can help maintain audit compliance by evaluating risk and identifying remediation strategies – all efficiently and cost-effectively.

Violence Prevention Training

Workplace violence, including workplace shootings, is an unfortunate reality. Prevent tragedies before they happen and save your business from costly investigations/litigation. Security consultants can help you understand what to look for, how to report potential problems and how to get help if needed.

Work-Related Travel Security

Security consultants can train employees in awareness and protection while on the road, helping you meet a duty of care associated with staff traveling for business.

Why Choose Stream’s Security Services?

The challenge of security program development is that while security systems and methods continually improve, new threats are not far behind. That’s why your security consulting team must have extensive experience in integrating all aspects of protection, from global security management to executive protection to cybersecurity.

Stream’s Critical Environments Services practice has professional security expertise and perspective to view all layers of security and build barriers that mitigate risk proactively. Our team sees beyond current threats to what you may encounter as your business expands. We propose vendor-neutral, scalable solutions that align with how you work today and your goals for the future. Our security consultancy includes the following services:

  • Security assessments, penetration testing, policy/procedure development and training
  • Security system design
  • Security vendor management
  • Business continuity planning

For in-depth guidance about the impact of security operations, download our white paper here.

Here’s the bottom line. If you need an evaluation of your security policies and procedures to meet audit requirements or want a comprehensive review to determine the safety of your business and employees, we can help!  You get an objective analysis with solid recommendations for a multilayered security program. Whatever the scope, you can count on us to listen to your needs and propose a tailor-made solution that protects your business at every level. Learn more here.

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