Development & Build-to-Suit Services

Expertise and Agility

Development & Build-to-Suit Services Development & Build-to-Suit Services
Development & Build-to-Suit Services Development & Build-to-Suit Services
Development & Build-to-Suit Services Development & Build-to-Suit Services
Development & Build-to-Suit Services Development & Build-to-Suit Services

As a respected critical environment services company that owns, builds and operates leading-edge data centers throughout the United States, Stream offers a level of experience that is unmatched in the industry. From site selection and greenfield builds to next-generation renovations of existing facilities, Stream delivers comprehensive development services that affect every area of these environments.

Our in-depth understanding of supply-and-demand dynamics in the data center market enables Stream to accurately forecast customer needs and deliver a just-in-time facility to help our customers keep pace with technology. And because our team members are empowered to make quick, informed decisions to expedite development, Stream customers can count on us to address their needs effectively and efficiently throughout the relationship.

Executive Brief: Design and Construction

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Compliance Brief: Security Through Compliance

Stream Data Centers designs its facilities to comply with rigorous standards set by trade groups and certifying organizations, while maintaining relevant certifications and attestations. Read Now

Flexible and Scalable Infrastructure

Stream provides a wide array of data center solutions with scalable densities that allow customers to grow a carefully planned end-to-end data center footprint. Resilient and dedicated infrastructure is deployed with appropriate audit compliance and certifications to meet rigorous standards for each market and industry we serve.

Hyperscale Innovation

The impact of the cloud continues to shape the design of the modern data center. And at Stream, our commitment to innovation continues to enhance the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our next generation of cloud solutions. Stream’s Hyperscale Data Center approach offers:

  • Rapid deployment times
  • Adaptable tier-level design, construction and operations standards
  • Modular major system components for cost-effective, low-impact upgrades
  • Innovative monitoring systems for predictive, versus time-based, maintenance
  • A focus on reusable, renewable and energy-wise construction and operations

Build to Suit Data Centers

Stream’s build-to-suit competency leverages proven development strategies to quickly deliver cost-efficient data centers that meet each customer’s unique requirements. From our stringent site selection methodology to our industry-leading team of design and construction professionals and equipment manufacturers, Stream’s supply chain is optimized for quality and value.

White Paper: Data Centers That Fit

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Ready-to-Fit™ Powered Shells

Stream provides a hardened, expandable facility with readily available power to support rapid deployment.

Private Data Center™ Suites

Feature dedicated infrastructure, security and privacy for ultimate control. Proactive maintenance strategies comply with risk management guidelines.

Always Evolving

Today, Stream’s best-in-class data center design, construction, technologies and operations services support optimum performance. Tomorrow, our ongoing commitment to innovation will continue to help our data centers evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers.