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State of the Industry: Stream’s Top 3 Data Center Market Trends For 2019

State of the Industry: Stream’s Top 3 Data Center Market Trends For 2019

Top 3 Data Center Market Trends For 2019: Here at Stream Data Centers, we have just come off a whirlwind past couple of weeks. As you might have seen, we just announced a new 50MW, 418,000 square foot facility in the Greater Phoenix area. For us, this is a huge investment, especially considering that our new hyperscale data center is sitting on 157 acres of undeveloped land. As a result, the move into Phoenix offers us an undeniably large amount of space to scale with our customer’s mission-critical colocation and connectivity requirements.

With these types of infrastructure investments, including our soon-to-be-complete Dallas-area hyperscale data center, and our innovative mission-critical operational services, we are shaping the broader American data center market for years to come. Here’s our list of the top 3 trends we are focusing on throughout the rest of 2019.

  1. Customer-centric services

The happiness of our customers directly impacts our success. We instill this paradigm at all levels of our organization and constantly motivate our staff to think along these lines in all that they do. However, we want to make it clear that, for us, good customer service is built upon the recognition that no two business are alike and customer needs always evolve. In order to empower our clients to grow carefully planned end-to-end data center footprints, we are constantly working to identify their future needs and develop the foundational infrastructure needed to satisfy them. That’s why numerous service providers, cloud providers, Fortune 500 enterprises and small-to-medium sized businesses trust in our capability to deploy effective data center solutions for them in a timeframe that works.

From Texas to Illinois, Minnesota and now Arizona, data center demand from both hyperscale cloud providers and organizations with lower density needs is on the rise. With twenty years of experience in forecasting the best places to establish secure, thriving data center ecosystems, we are always ready to deliver the right data center products in the right places to meet the different needs of our customers. Read our full article for more on this subject here.

  1. Rising importance of sub-markets

As our COO, Michael Lahoud, mentioned in his recent JSA TV interview at PTC’19, sub markets are becoming of increased importance to us. According to CBRE, Northern Virginia, Phoenix, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Silicon Valley and Atlanta are currently among the United States’ most active markets with new projects in the pipeline. As it becomes more challenging for data center providers to find suitable development sites, affordable real estate in the outlying areas of these metropolises is becoming especially attractive.

This is where our vast experience as a real estate company comes in. When we go into these sub-markets, we can find and cultivate the best development sites that satisfy a number of requirements including protection from natural disasters, ease of access and proximity to power and high-quality connectivity options. With our newly-available Chicago I Ready-to-Fit™ Powered Shell and our newest Phoenix hyperscale data center, we are leveraging these areas to further expand our footprint across the United States.

As a final note on sub-markets, we see them continuing to grow in popularity for another reason. With the proliferation of IoT-capable devices (including autonomous vehicles) and applications, many cloud services users are eager to push their data handling and processing as close to ‘the edge’ as possible. While ‘the edge’ is still a somewhat nebulous term with competing definitions, sub-markets have a role to play in continuing to drive colocation and connectivity beyond metropolitan cores. At Stream, we are a part of this trend, developing products that can satisfy our customers’ requirements well into the future.

  1. Operational facilities management

By far, one of our most unique differentiators is our operational facilities management arm through which we can expertly operate other organizations’ data centers. We debuted our Critical Environments Services in 2018 as a response to an industry-wide need to maximize data center uptime and value without compromising on health, safety and security. From multi-tenant carrier hotels to free standing Tier IV facilities, our expert technicians can improve all areas of an organization’s service delivery from hiring and training to process improvement and monitoring systems. Our ultimate goal here is to optimize the total cost of data center ownership for our partners. Throughout the final quarter of 2018, we saw a surge in demand for this service and expect 2019 to feature continued growth in this area for us.

What are the key trends you are seeing in your data center market? If any of the ones we commented on resound with you in your search for an ideal data center provider, contact us with your questions.

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