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Strategic Disaster Planning: The Stream Approach to Success

Strategic Disaster Planning: The Stream Approach to Success

Disaster planning and preparedness are not a topic most businesses want to face. From fires, earthquakes and hurricanes to blackouts, cyberthreats or even terrorist attacks, the risk to businesses and their critical environments (data centers, colocation facilities, etc.) is real. In fact, when it comes to possible disasters, organizations often face the dual challenge of maintaining operational continuity while confronting risks to life and property throughout the disaster zone.

With careful planning and experienced guidance, no company is helpless in the face of catastrophe. As we say, preparation can be the difference between letting disaster happen to you and shaping its outcome. Stream’s Director of Critical Engineering, Kevin Rosen, just authored a new white paper that covers the subject of disaster planning in depth. Here are the key highlights:

The Proof is in the History

For those of you familiar with our articles, we’ve covered our success in maintaining uptime for our data center clients during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. As all local businesses can attest, the hurricane caused massive flooding and wind damage that forced many businesses to suspend operations. Those that suffered the most probably could have prevented the worst damage by developing a comprehensive business continuity plan well before the disaster occurred.

Here’s a Greek proverb to remember: “We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We default to the level of our training.” That’s why, during the 100-year storm that was Hurricane Harvey, data centers and other mission-critical facilities with emergency preparedness plans overcame challenges and were able to continue operations, uninterrupted, by shifting into disaster mode. They planned, they trained, they acted accordingly.

How to Tell if You Need Expert Help

What if an earthquake happened right now? What about a tornado? Or, what if an active shooter came on-site? Would you be ready? Let’s try a different line of questioning. Have you vetted and documented your known risks? Do you have a disaster team and an effective communications plan that keeps key team members in the loop and able to act on accurate information? If you can’t nail down the answer to any of these questions, then your organization can stand to benefit from partnering with an experienced critical facilities management team on a disaster recovery plan.

At Stream Data Centers, we have expertise in engineering, security, health and safety. Our team of specialists understands all the different facets of building a practical, actionable disaster preparedness and business continuity plan. In effect, disaster planning is crucial for every company. The goal of 100% uptime must remain regardless of what happens outside. Those who plan wisely can continue operations with little impact. Those who do not may take years to recover. Comprehensive physical and operational preparedness, including frequent reviews and drills, can keep the chaos outside the walls of your data center.

For more information, we encourage you to download and read our white paper available here. Then, contact one of our Critical Engineering experts – we’d be happy to answer your questions and walk you through our process.

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Before joining Stream in 2016, Kevin spent more than 15 years in the mission-critical industry. Read More