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Stream Data Centers Shortlisted for Best Social Media Campaign at Global Carrier Awards

Stream Data Centers Shortlisted for Best Social Media Campaign at Global Carrier Awards

Stream Data Centers is proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in the Best Social Media Campaign category of Capacity Media’s Global Carrier Awards. While social media may not seem like an important aspect of a public relations or marketing strategy, especially for a B2B company, we at Stream understand that it is an essential piece in a well-rounded content strategy. Focusing on social media has allowed us to share our story, attract customers, and promote our robust suite of data center colocation and connectivity services, as well as our facilities management services in unique and impactful ways.

By utilizing both paid and organic strategies, our content has the ability to be viewed by eyes far beyond the reach of our other channels. In the past year, we’ve been able to increase our impressions by 963%! Below are just a few examples of our top-performing social media posts this year:

As you can see, updates on our facilities are popular amongst both our organic followers and sponsored audience. We’ve had some major projects going on this year, including completing construction on our Garland DFW-VII hyperscale data center and beginning construction on our new hyperscale campus in Phoenix, Arizona. Providing updates on our facilities and services through blog posts and media alerts as well as tying them together on social media is just one example of how we are successfully utilizing our multi-channel content strategy.

Overall, we are working hard to shape the future of the data center industry in favor of our customers, so you can expect even more exciting activity on our social media platforms in the coming months! Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

The Global Carrier Awards will take place Wednesday, October 30 in London, wrapping up Capacity Europe. We wish all of the nominees the best of luck!

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